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Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} Relaunch

We relaunched Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} in 2023. Join us on unnecessary bike tours with well-deserved culinary breaks.

The past years changed everybody – including us. Having moved to the outskirts of Berlin, we found our passion for being outside, on a bike, discovering our new neighborhood, our city, Brandenburg, Germany, Denmark, the whole world! (Ok, almost!)

Perhaps leisurely cycling is the ideal speed, fast enough to get to the next town in one day like a trot, but not so fast that the body arrives before the mind. The good spirit accompanies us with a smile of freedom, but it can also be grumpy, silly or just hungry – for good food, inspiring culture and breathtaking nature. We drive from A to B without any real destination or necessity and allow ourselves to be surprised by Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany and the world. We capture the impressions in far too many pictures and continually rediscover the neighborhood, the country, the expanse and the people.

We, Julia and Oliver, started this site years ago as a photography blog and then let it rest for a few years. It seemed natural to reinvigorate it with our new passions for cycling, eating and cooking.

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