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Finding myself in a big sea, nowhere is everywhere. Looking around, slowly observing, adjusting my pace. The world disintegrates, I see light, shadow and movement. My head hurts. I forgot to answer 256 E-Mails. My retina tries to compensate and produces an afterimage. Layers of pixelated type, cat videos and the new flashy car ad crush into a blur of painful nothingness.

I understand my own work as an extended form of photography. Through the concentration on one given point my work tries to create a state of meditation and preoccupation with oneself while the absence of sound sharpens senses and opens the mind. Impressed, benumbed and irritated from the daily information flood, I think we’re not used to idleness and standstill anymore, it’s irritating.

Sequences are a series of still videos. See all of my videos at vimeo.

I was invited to a festival called Artsolut Berlin on August 16th 2011 to present some of my videos on a big cinema screen at Lido, Berlin. The festival showcased Berlin based artists from different genres such as music, film, art, poetry and theater such as the Berlin based Krautrock band Camera and the artist and illustrator Stefan Fähler.

Also, some of these videos have been shown at Loopingstar, a festival for video art that took place on January 12 – 24, 2013 in over 20 shop windows in Saarbrücken, Forbach, Brebach, Sarreguemines and Luxembourg.

© Loopingstar Videokunstfestival Katalog 2013, Oliver Schneider
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