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The first time I showed my work to a professional photographer, he said that the images I took look random to him. These images, taken with a Lomography "Supersampler" camera, are indeed fairly random. Of course, not completely. I decided…

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Finding myself in a big sea, nowhere is everywhere. Looking around, slowly observing, adjusting my pace. The world disintegrates, I see light, shadow and movement. My head hurts. I forgot to answer 256 E-Mails. My retina tries to compensate and…

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fLIP Magazine

One of my images has been selected for a the printed issue of fLIP Magazine. The magazine is published three times a year and each issue has an overarching theme, in this issue: “Fantasy”. fLIP is founded by London Independent…

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Photography: © Oliver Schneider

Black wine

We don't see things like a camera does. We don't care about a neutral grey. We are aware of the impossibility of capturing cultures, things, persons or even minds. We don't think this is working. Let's stop thinking for a…

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